Nature Inside

Nature InsideWhen we talk about experiencing nature, we usually mean going out into a wilderness area where there are few signs that humans have had an impact.  There we observe sights, sounds and smells outside of ourselves. What's often overlooked is that we can go within to connect with nature as well.

Nature's Cycles Card Set

People often ask me if I make other things besides pads.  The answer is, not very often really.... But!  I did strike out in a new direction, making photo collages of fabrics.  I created an image for each phase of the menstrual cycle, one for each season, and one for each lunar phase.   They will be published as cards, Tarot-style, so they can be laid out in various ways to reflect each woman's experience.  Those of you who have sent me fabric over the years, you might recognize some of your contributions in the images.  If you'd like a set, you can place your pre-order at Indiegogo.

6 years!

Amy's Rag Bag is 6 years old this month!  What I want for my birthday...


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